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Lugansk institute of agroindustrial production


Fine Metallist village is situated about 7 kilometers from Lugansk city on the left side of Lugansk – Starobelsk – Kharkov highway. The green chestnut street from the central entrance to the village leads to Lugansk institute of agroindustrial production (LIAP) of Ukrainian academy of agrarian science (UAAS). The institute is the rightrecepter of Lugansk state regional agricultural experimental station, found in 1956 on the base of Donetsk ravine station. In 1961 the experimental station was transferred on the territory of state farm “Metalist”, which became it’s experimental base.

The first of director of experimental station was a participant of Grate Patriotic War Semen Biletsky – one of the founder of system of elite seed raising in Ukraine. Ivan Kirichenko, Victor Prokofiev, Vladimir Stotchenko were next directors. They made much efforts for growing the station as science and experimental organization, for strengthening material and technical base of the experimental farm.

In 1996 years the experimental station were united with departments of Institute of soil protection of UAAS. Victor Yena became the head of the experimental station from that time. He is an experience specialist, energy organizer of science and production. He succeed to unite science and production potentials of the experimental station for continuation of science research carrying out. In 1998 years the experimental station was reorganized in Lugansk institute of agroindustrial production by order of Ukrainian academy of agrarian science. That confirmed it’s leading role in science service of regional agrarian sphere.

Science investigation in Lugansk experimental station are carried out on all directions of agricultural production – crop farming, plant production, selection of field and fodder crops, vegetable growing, orcharding, animal husbandry, mechanization, agricultural economy. Scientists of experimental station have elaborated regional technologies of cultivation of main field, fodder and vegetable crops, lugansk’ technology of growing maize and sunflower without herbicides, basis of rational feeding and keeping of animals. Two new stud animals lines and south and east intrabreeding type of Ukrainian red-and-white dairy cattle, holstein type of red cattle and south type of black-and-white dairy cattle have got with cooperation of institute scientists.

More than 50 new high-yield varieties and hybrids of field and fodder crops have been bred, which in 1990 years had cultivated in different countries on the square of 2,2 mln ha, including 500 thousands ha in Ukraine. Under the guidance of academic of UAAS Anatoly Shevchenko genetic basis in selection of pea with signs of resistance to seed casting have been elaborated. Varieties of pea for grain and feed direction use with resistance to seed casting of lugansk selection had been cultivated in more than 80 regions of former USSR and abroad on near to 2 mln ha the square.

Scientists of the experimental station with degree of candidate and doctors of agricultural science A.M. Shevchenko, A.P. Karpenko, I.F. Ivushkin, I.A. Skripka, V.V. Shabashov, N.P. Shepitko, A.N. Kraevsky, V.F. Ivashov, V.I. Cherednichenko, G.I. Onoprich, Y.I. Vanshtein, V.F. Matvienko, G.N. Poluektov, N.G. Mochalov, V.M. Tsimbal, S.I. Kapustin, A.I. Vakulenko, V.N. Tokarenko and others made a valuable contribution to agrarian science and production.

Such scientists as M.S. Homenko, A.E. Nesmashna, Y.S. Gukov, V.A. Zirjanov, N.F. Romanenko, V.T. Maliutiak,V.K. Bakulin, N.M. Sheliakin, V.A. Djamal, N.H. Grabak, A.A. Biei, V.A. Belolipsky, Y.I. Usatenko, P.G. Lapko, N.F. Djubinsky, M.I. Golovko, A.B. Lavrovsky, T.N. Keleberda, L.Y. Milchevska, L.P. Pasechnik, A.R. Zubov, V.I. Tarasov, V.L. Dmitrenko, D.I. Utkin, N.E. Skuriatin, G.I. Tolstih and others were creating a science legacy of Institute of soil protection.

The theoretical bases of soil conservation contour and meliorative system of crop farming and construction of ecological stable agrolandscapes, basis of sustainable safe ecology application of fertilizers in soil protection crop rotation had been developed in the institute. Effectiveness of soil protective technologies of agricultural crops cultivation in conditions of Step zone of Ukraine by stable yield, saving and recompense of soil fertility was proved on practice.
Bases of creation of soil control system of hydrotechnical construction and forest shelter belts, moisture accumulation technology of meadow and pasture creation on slopes had been elaborated.

Technological and constructional scheme of soil protection machines, which were worked out by state and farm testing had been elaborated, monitoring of soils in all ukrainian zones according to it’s soil protection stability was fulfilled. Present structure of institute consist of four department, which include eleven laboratories with general number of 101 persons, from which high education have –75, with doctors degree – 2, candidate degree – 11, post-graduate student – 8 persons.

Main direction of institute activity are:
  • development of a regenerative system of crop farming, ecology safe technologies of the soil fertility restoration of the south and east region;
  • improvement of agricultural crops cultivation technologies in conditions of wind, water erosion and technogen pollution of soils;
  • monitoring of rational use of regional land resource;
  • selection of grain and peas cultures, maize and sorghum with high technologic, adaptive peculiarities and quality of production;
  • carrying out of primary seed breeding and elite seed production for guarantee of full need of special seed farms of the region in elite seed of agricultural crops;
  • developing of the system of feed and keeping of animals, perfection of cattle breed and selection and pure-strain works in farms;
  • science and information, consultation and demonstration providing of regional agrarian farms in order to innovate an introduction and rise of production profitability, promotion of specialists’ qualification, teaching.
    Selection and seed production are one of the main direction of institute activity.

    New varieties of pea with signs of resistance to seed casting, stable to lodging, drought-enduring and resistance to heat; valuable varieties of gram chik-pea of foodstuff, confectional and fodder of direction use with high protein and fat content; high yield varieties of soft wheat with high frost-resistant, drought-enduring and resistance to heat and with high grain quality for bread baking; unique varieties of winter grain and fodder triticale; high yield drought-enduring and resistance to heat hybrids of maize; early ripening low-sized varieties of grain sorghum and varieties of other cultures have been created in the last years.

    37 varieties and hybrids created in the institute are included in the List of varieties of Ukraine plants on 2005 year. The institute annual grows on the square 2100 ha more than three thousands seeds of new sorts and hybrids with providing of high level of quality production of own selection and leading selection centers of Ukraine and Russia for fulfilling of variety changing and strain renovation in farms of all form property of region.
    The institute is the base of the Center of science providing of agricultural production of Lugansk region. The Center is consist of 9 organization and institutes of science and production direction activity and 8 base farms. 12 experts commissions works in the Center including leading scientists and productioners. Scientists of the institute and other institutes and organization of the Center have elaborated such problems as:

  • The system of managering of agroindustrial production of Lugansk region on the period from 1997 to 2005 years;
  • The program “The Grain of Lugansk region”;
  • The program of stabilization and development of animal husbandry and poultry farming on term of 2001-2004;
  • The program of introduction of ecology and landscape system of crop farming of Lugansk region on period until 2010 year;
  • Methodic recommendation for moving out of degradation and low fertility lands from structure of arable lands;
  • Science bases of agroindustrial production in Step zone of Ukraine;

    The institute support strong science and technical contacts with science organization from Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia and distant foreign countries. So, scientists of the institute regularly make exchange by experience and information on questions of soil conservation with the Soil institute (Argentine), European society of soil protection (Germany), Department of agriculture of USA to improve the level of scientific investigations.

    Lugansk institute of agroindustrial production UAAS is going to 50 anniversary. In conditions of transition to market economy the staff of the institute strengthen it’s authority between regional agrarians and continues his development and fulfillment of his significant mission - for guiding of all innovation and advanced in agriculture.

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