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Военные подсчитали скорость спасения Литвы натовцами
В Литве попытались подсчитать время, которое может понадобиться союзникам республики по НАТО, чтобы "в случае кризиса" прибыть на защиту республики. При этом учитывались и возможности самой республики по принятию союзных войск. В ходе международных учений, как сообщает Delfi.lt, британские и литовские военные пришли к выводу, что помощь альянса придет в течение примерно двух недель.


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    Gorbachev says British leadership panders to the United States
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  • Putin risks becoming "new Brezhnev:" Medvedev aide
    Vladimir Putin, Russia's most powerful politician, risks becoming a decaying Soviet-style leader like Brezhnev if he runs again for president in 2012, a key adviser to President Dmitry Medvedev told Reuters.
    No Sex, Please: Ukraine Bans Brüno
    It seems there's some truth to the saying "There is no sex in the Soviet Union." When Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan hit cinema screens in 2006, few were surprised that the real-world home of Borat, the idiot-innocent Kazak main character, decided to ban the film as a matter of pride. But now censors in Ukraine are giving his latest film, Brüno, the same no-show treatment, claiming morality — not hurt feelings — as the reason.
    Russian PM Putin threatens to review relations with EU
    Russia will start reviewing its relations with the European Union should Moscow's interests be ignored, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday. Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said earlier in the day that Russia had been effectively excluded from talks at an international investment conference in Brussels on the modernization of the Ukrainian gas pipeline network, adding that the conference, convened by the European Commission, was limited to discussions between Ukraine and the EU.
    Ukraine^s Gas Company Raided
    Masked state security officers armed with automatic weapons raided the headquarters of Ukraine's national gas company Wednesday in a dramatic escalation of the feud between the country's top leaders during a crippling financial crisis.
    Putin calls Ukrainian arms supplies to Georgia ^crime^
    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he considered alleged Ukrainian arms supplies to Georgia during the recent war over South Ossetia 'a crime.'

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